A new wave of 4″ Sonic figures has been leaked online. The upcoming wave, Wave 14, will be part of JAKKS Pacific’s 4″ Sonic line of action figures and has been spotted on the popular online retailer Entertainment Earth.

The wave will include four new figures, including Modern Sonic with a Super Ring Item Box, Modern Knuckles with a Yellow Spring, Shadow with Rings (x3), and most excitingly, Blaze the Cat with a Sol Emerald. This will be the first time the character has been released in the 4″ Sonic line with the Sol Emerald accessory.

The JAKKS Pacific 4″ Sonic line has been a popular choice among fans of the Sonic franchise, with previous waves including characters such as Tails, Dr. Eggman, and Metal Sonic. The figures are highly detailed and come with various accessories, making them ideal for collectors and fans of the franchise.

The figures are expected to be officially announced by JAKKS Pacific soon, with pre-orders becoming available on Entertainment Earth and other retailers shortly after.

Source: Entertainment Earth