The popular high quality resin and PVC statue making company, First 4 Figures, has announced today, that they are making a Sonic the Hedgehog statue of the iconic Sonic Adventure pose seen in the game’s cover art.

Aw yeah, this is happening!

The statue is set to release in 2023 and you can sign up for their alert newsletter to be notified when preorders open!

In other news, a plush of a Koco from Sonic Frontiers was revealed recently during the Sonic Station Live stream. It is unknown when or if it will release.

In case you’re feeling especially festive, a new Classic Sonic ornament has been listed on Target!

A new emoji-styled plush of Tails was revealed, this time sleeping! He’d make a perfect Sonic buddy!

And lastly a Sonic 2-Movie Steelbook collection was recently listed on Zavvi!

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