Sonic’s social media team posted a little teaser of the ending theme for Sonic Frontiers. There are a few more tidbits of new footage in here, along with the assurance that the soundtrack will, once again, not disappoint!

Check it out:

The song was composed by well known Jrock veterans: ONE OK ROCK, who have also uploaded the full versions of the song on all streaming platforms including YouTube and Spotify, I say versions, because there are a total of 3: The version that will apparently be Sonic Frontiers’ ending theme, a version with explicit lyrics which is part of their new single along with a Japanese version.

Check out the full Sonic Frontiers ending version bellow!

SEGA Asia also released a small interview of the band talking about the song with English subtitles and a version of the Sonic Frontiers Japanese commercial, which originally had (what I assume) the main theme of the game, but now with “Vandalize” as the background song.

Have a look!

Source: Twitter

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