IGN Japan had a chance to interview with Sonic Frontiers Director, Morio Kishimoto during this year’s Tokyo Game Show who stated that Sonic Frontiers is the first stepping stone in a 3rd Generation of Sonic games.

Kishimoto-san describes the 2D classic series as the first generation, starting a second generation with the Sonic Adventure series, which brought the franchise into 3D. This time, he thinks that Sonic Frontiers, which takes on an “Open Zone” format, is the third generation, this generation being about making the Sonic franchise shine once again and making Sonic Team a studio known for their quality titles, starting with Sonic Frontiers.

Kishimoto-san also expressed that Sonic Team put all their passion into Sonic Frontiers until that passion was completely dry, so expectations are high for the game’s quality.

That certainly sounds exciting! Hopefully Sonic Frontiers turns out to be the first in a long streak of quality Sonic/Sonic Team titles!

Stay tuned for more TGS 2022 coverage on Sonic Frontiers!

Source: IGN Japan Article, IGN Japan Video Coverage

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