Following up on the Sonic Frontiers interview with IGN Japan during TGS 2022, Morio Kishimoto dropped a pretty interesting tidbit about the game’s titanic bosses, stating that normal Sonic won’t be enough to beat some of the game’s bosses.

Normally in Sonic games you’ll encounter a boss and you’ll fight them as regular, blue Sonic. In Sonic Frontiers, there will be bosses that blue Sonic can’t even scratch, but if he collects and uses all seven Chaos Emeralds, he can become Super Sonic and then battle those bosses. Becoming Super Sonic will be the only way to fight them.

Morio Kishimoto via IGN Japan

So in case you thought the Super Sonic reveal from the TGS trailer that dropped a couple of days ago was just for show, it seems that Super Sonic will be an integral part of the game, being an outright necessity to beating the game’s tougher enemies, which will apparently be harder than your average Sonic boss battle.

Up until now, in Sonic games, Super Sonic would only appear against the last boss. Imagine if the first boss in Sonic Frontiers is as strong as those bosses

Morio Kishimoto via IGN Japan

Source: IGN

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