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If you were a Sonic fan back in the early 2000s, you know how excited everyone was for the next big Sonic game, next generation systems were around the corner and tech was evolving at a rapid pace, games looked better than ever and with high definition, crisp, clear visuals the likes of which where unseen by most up until that point.

The game in question would later become known as Sonic 06, back then being nicknamed Sonic Next-Gen, just so people wouldn’t confuse the game with the original Genesis/Mega Drive game. The game was originally announced back in 2005’s Tokyo Game Show with a concept trailer and technical showcase, which featured an early version of the game’s Kingdom Valley stage. Back then, now defunct website called Kikizo where the ones that got most of the footage that can be found today on YouTube, and due to internet limitations at the time, an HD version wasn’t possible to upload. Today however, the website’s founder, Adam Doree has uploaded several videos from Sonic Team’s unveiling including a cancelled first person shooter titled “Fifth Phantom Saga”, in its original HD quality. While direct feed footage of the concept trailer is still considered lost media, this brings us a bit closer to that little piece of Sonic history being preserved.

Check out the game’s showcase bellow!

Shown in its entirety for the first time, this is the Sonic segment from Sega’s Next Gen Showcase “SEGA THE FUTURE” at TGS 2005 (the extended version of Sega’s legendary E3 2005 behind closed doors presentation… the full presentation has been sitting in my tape archives for 18 years – never originally published… just waiting for some restoration TLC… well I finally got around to it — the 27-minute video is published for the first time anywhere here:    • “Sega The Future”…  ). This Sonic segment shows the full trailer and real-time tech demonstration by Yuji Naka – it looked amazing (and still does) and showed just how much potential there was in “Sonic 2006”.

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