Sonic Frontiers as had a major presence in this year’s Tokyo Game Show, following yesterday’s trailer that showed off Super Sonic and some new environments, Sonic’s Japanese social media team has shared some pictures and videos from the event and booth!

The booth is quiet huge and features a giant balloon Sonic!
A better look at the imposing Sonic balloon
After playing the demo, you’d be presented with tote bag featuring art from the game and a special ONE OK ROCK collaboration sticker!
If you presented your reservation pass for Sonic Frontiers at the venue, you were given a Red Bull Sonic Frontiers limited edition box
Sonic himself is at the Sega booth in case you wanted to take a picture with him!
Takashi Iizuka cheekily waving his finger while taking a picture with his son at the booth!
Masahiro Sakurai also attended the event and had this to say:
“I was thinking of buying it because I can play Sonic in a new way, but I will definitely buy it now!”
The Main Theme EP was nominated for the “PlayStation Game Music Awards 2022”
And that was the end of day 1 at TGS

There are still 3 days left of the event and we’ll keep you updated as they go!

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