Sonic Frontiers was recently extensively previewed by the gaming press. Video game journalists and influencers from around the world were invited for a preview event in Hawaii for the much anticipated new mainline entry of the Sonic franchise which is set to release on November 8th worldwide. Everyone invited to this event had a chance to have 6 hours of hands-on experience with the game, in which they got a taste of 3 of the games’ islands, namely Kronos, Ares and Chaos. The attendees also had a chance to interview Sonic Series Producer, Takashi Iizuka.

We’ve already shared Famitsu’s preview article but there were many more images, videos and preview impressions released out in the wild. Now since the dust has somewhat settled, we thought now would be a good time to collect all of the previews in one post!

Gameplay Videos

Cyber Space Gameplay

Sky Rail

Chaos Island

Starlight Event

Kronos Island

Strider Battle

Chaos Island

Fortress Battle

Sumo Battle

Full Skill Tree

Puzzles & Challenges

Ares Island

All Options, Settings, & Controls

Fishing Gameplay

Asura Battle

Lega Nerd (Italian)

Chaos Island (IGN Japan)

Ares Island (IGN Japan)

Kronos Island (IGN Japan)

Press Release Video (Korean)

Video Previews

Hobby Consolas (Spanish)



ActuGaming (French)

IGN Japan (Italian) (Spanish) (Italian)


Takashi Iizuka Video Interviews


ntower tv

Hobby Consolas (Spanish)

IGN Japan


BONUS: Ian Flynn Interview

You can check out the screenshots that were released alongside the previews by clicking here!

Stay tuned for more Sonic Frontiers updates!

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