Have you ever been annoyed by some of the many enemies in Sonic Frontiers? Maybe they take too many hits or are just a pain to deal with? This mod aims to change that but turning you into the ultimate equalizer!

Gun Frontiers is a mod for Sonic Frontiers that lets you one-shot everything as long as you use a projectile move like Sonic Boom, Homing Shot and Cross Slash, turns you into a gun and replaces the sound effects for gun shot sounds, if you ever feel the need to relive your memories from Shadow the Hedgehog then look no further! All other attacks deal less damage than what they are meant to.

No funny business or the Koco get it!!

As Super Sonic, the handgun turns into a M107 Sniper Rifle and the clones that appear during counter attack moves turn into bullets.

If you’re interested in giving this mod a go head on over its GameBanana page!

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