This Sonic Frontiers mod swaps our favorite blue hedgehog’s model with the cute squiggly Sonic the Sketchog!

Sonic the Sketchog was originally a series of sketches drawn by Hirokazu Yazuhara, one of the main team members from the original Sonic Team who was mostly in charge of the level and game design, and later moved on to work for Naughty Dog on the Jak series and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Yasuhara’s Sonic sketches used in the Japanese manuals for the Mega Drive Sonic games were then imitated in later media like Sonic Freehand, The Art of Sonic Mania and Sega’s Sonic the Sketchog LINE stickers.

The mod was created by Twitter user existing the being and can be downloaded right now on GameBanana.

Check out the trailer and screenshots bellow!

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