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Fans seem to like Sonic Frontiers, but it’s pretty clear how much the story has been toned down from earlier games. Instead of having to deal with the moon exploding or a water monster obliterating entire cities, we get a (mostly) tranquil journey through five different islands, with the story gradually developing throughout the game. We do, however, have the ideal mod if you miss the crazy adventures Sonic and the gang used to go on.

On Game Banana, a mod is currently being created that promises to transform Sonic Frontiers into one enormous pizza delivery. A ton of in-game text will be modified, including boss names, character logs, and mission objectives, to let you fully immerse yourself in the most dangerous delivery job ever, with Titans and Cyber Space itself as obstacles.

For a single modder, “Your Pizza’s Done” is a very hefty effort, but SonixArtist of Game Banana is up to the challenge. Even though the mod is only 10% finished as of this writing, there are already some screenshots to share of it in use.

To start with, the main title screen is transformed into a massive shitpost. Unsurprisingly, a quotation from Squid’s Day Off, a SpongeBob episode in which Squidward informs SpongeBob that he is off “doing errands,” appears. Sonic will also be distracted from his large pizza delivery by a number of errands. The Bee Movie script’s opening is a little unusual to witness, but that is only the beginning.

The mini-boss Tower’s name has been modified to “Foreskin Shredder,” as can be seen in the following screenshot. I’ll admit that I’ve never delivered a pizza, but I don’t believe it’s a challenge that many Uber Eats drivers encounter. I certainly hope not.

The deliveries in the Cyber Space levels seem to be timed to see how quickly Sonic can reach the customer. You must deliver the pizza as quickly as you can, gather every pepperoni, and watch out that it doesn’t burn in order to pass each stage. Although I have no idea how the final one will be accomplished, it gives you something else to concentrate on as you struggle to complete every task in these levels.

It’s probable that the mod will replace all of Sonic Frontiers’ text given that even the in-game items’ names have been altered. It’s worth keeping an eye on this mod because in that way it’s similar to the Sonic live redubs.

Check out the mod page on GameBanana and stay tuned to Sonic City for more Sonic News and Updates!

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