The official soundtrack for the latest entry in the Sonic Cinematic Universe featuring the titular red echidna exclusively on Paramount+ is getting a limited vinyl release!

Titled “Knuckles Spin Dash,” the release is limited to 300 copies and will be published by Enjoy the Toons Records with pre-orders now open on the Enjoy the Ride Records website. Enjoy the Ride Records is an independent record label based in the United States, focused on a variety of music genres, including rock, alternative, pop punk, and soundtracks.

Check out the pictures and tracklist for the record below!



  1. Knuckles Credits
  2. Made Myself At Home
  3. Grounded Knuckles
  4. Ride Me
  5. Under Attack
  6. Back At The Lodge
  7. Wade Escapes
  8. Gun
  9. Rooftop Chat
  10. The Joust


  1. Bowling Battle
  2. Bounty Hunters
  3. Heart To Heart
  4. The Final Battle
  5. Frickin’ Human Race
  6. Flames of Disaster (feat. Michael Bolton)

The album is scheduled to release this Fall.

Stay tuned to Sonic City for more Knuckles News and Updates!

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