The third content update for Sonic Dream Team has been been released! Sonic Dream Team is the latest 3D Sonic the Hedgehog action-platformer, playable exclusively on Apple Arcade. The latest update includes a second set of Sweet Dream levels, a special endgame “Experts Only” mission, new achievements, and collectible music tracks to play in a jukebox. The update will be available to players later today at around 3:00 PM PT. 

To learn more about the update, see below for a breakdown: 

  • Complete the journey through Sweet Dreams!
    • Two new Acts have been added to Sweet Dreams! These new stages also feature new level features and new takes on missions, including laps and a “keep off the ground” mission.
  • Special experts-only level
    • Players who collect all Dream Orbs and Moons can take on Bittersweet Way – the most challenging experience so far!
  • New achievements and rankings
    • To go along with the added levels and missions, players can enjoy new achievements and competitive rankings for Bittersweet Way!  
  • Collectible music tracks
    • Discover hidden musical notes in Adventure Acts to unlock the game’s soundtrack and listen to your favorite Sonic Dream Team tracks on the Jukebox!

Sonic Dream Team is available now exclusively on Apple Arcade and is playable across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Vision Pro. 

Stay tuned to Sonic City for more Sonic Dream Team News and Updates!

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