A new Silver skin has been added to the latest Sonic Speed Simulator update!

The new skin, titled “ESP Silver,” is now available to unlock by completing the “Overpowered Silver” event, which can be found in Green Hill. The event missions are:

  • Collect 5000 Chaos Orbs in Green Hill (unlocks new Chao)
  • Destroy 500 badniks in New Yoke (unlocks new Chao)
  • Defeat Neo Metal 10 times in Hill Top (unlocks new music)
  • Rescue 100 animals in Metal City (unlocks Silver Blur Trail)
  • Pop 1000 balloons in City Escape (unlocks new music)
  • Get 10000 Tornado Assault Points in Emerald Hill (unlocks new Tornado mount)
  • Collect 2000 shards in Lost Valley (unlocks new music)

Completing all of the missions will unlock the new “Super Rarity” ESP Silver Skin, which allows you to boost in the air and fly!

Super Sonic has also been put on sale, and more Fast Friend Dispensers have been added to more worlds.

Will you be playing this latest update? Let us know down below, and make sure to keep it locked to Sonic City for more Sonic Speed Simulator News and Updates!

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