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Now, the character appearing in the June 2024 calendar is…

Sonic the Hedgehog!

Since it’s the calendar for June, it’s naturally Sonic!
Why June, you ask?
Well, Sonic’s birthday is actually on June 23rd, so every year June is celebrated as Sonic’s birthday month with various events and festivities.
This year, the “Sonic Birthday Party 2024 in JOYPOLIS” is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Joypolis. I hope everyone can join in!

And a big thank you to everyone who participated in the calendar character voting!
The four characters you could vote for were:

Now, the character selected to appear alongside Sonic in the calendar is…


A fox boy with a genius mind and a love for mechanics, Tails has two tails… let’s briefly explain his relationship with Sonic!
He first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. When Tails was feeling down after being teased for his two tails, he saw Sonic speed by at the speed of sound and thought to himself,

“Wow, he’s so cool…!”

Filled with admiration for Sonic, Tails began to join him on adventures.

Through countless adventures, Tails gained confidence and courage, becoming Sonic’s dependable sidekick. Yet, to Tails, Sonic is still the “coolest and most admired figure in the world.”

So, here’s the illustration for this time!
Sonic riding on the Tornado piloted by Tails!”
In this aerial scene that foreshadows a great adventure, what lies ahead of where Sonic is pointing…!?
Be sure to download and enjoy it!

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