Last Thursday, December 1st, Sonic Channel hosted a developer Q&A in which they shared a lot of different development details. The livestream was done entirely in Japanese with no subtitles, however several fans took to Twitter and translated some the most interesting parts from the Q&A.

Needless to say there are spoiler abound, so if you haven’t finished Sonic Frontiers, consider yourself warned!


  • Ninja was really strong at first and only a few people from the team managed to beat it.
  • Combat systems like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry were considered but didn’t work well as a Sonic game.
  • 50 to 60 people played the game in each conducted playtest.
  • During the development of Sonic Lost World, Kishimoto already had the idea of every boss fight being an epic Super Sonic fight.
  • Kishimoto thinks Henshin is to Kamen Rider and Ultraman what Super Sonic is to Sonic Frontiers.
  • The team took five years to refine Giganto.
  • In the original Giganto boss fight, Amy appears in the sky and gives rings to Sonic while Giganto fires beams. But it was cut because it broke the pace of the fight. (This lines up with earlier 4Chan “ghost girl” leaks).
  • The thought process behind the design of Ares Island was that getting lost was enjoyable instead of uncomfortable.
  • In the original Wyvern boss fight, Sonic ran on the back of it instead of the glowing road,
  • Super Sonic cutting through Knight was inspired by Goemon Ishikawa from Lupin the third.
  • In the original Knight boss fight, it ran accross the whole island using its wheels and you had to chase it. It was scrapped because it felt no different from previous Sonic games’ boss fights.
  • Tank originates from the gimmick in Asteroid Coaster from Sonic Colors.

Final Boss

Deadlines left them little time for the final portion of the game

Emphasis on momentum was also considered

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  1. white sonic

    The final product really shows the rushed development, hopefully the DLC will correct some of the things that were missing

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