Sonic Dream Team is receiving its second free content update on April 17! The Apple Arcade exclusive Sonic title developed by SEGA HARDlight is getting its second out of three planned free content updates, which includes a new Zone, a ranking system, and new collectibles!

The new Zone in question is called Sweet Dreams Zone, and like the rest of the Zones in the game, it brings a new set of challenges for players to overcome. The Zone features “catch-and-release” devices like pulleys that spin and swing Sonic and his friends around.

Check out some screenshots of the upcoming Zone below!

In addition to the new Zone, players can also expect the return of the ranking system from traditional Sonic games, allowing players to strive for that coveted S-Rank, along with new collectibles that have yet to be disclosed.

We anticipate more details on the next free content update from SEGA themselves relatively soon, so stay informed by subscribing to Sonic City for more Sonic Dream Team News and Updates!

Source: Digital Trends, Touch Arcade

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