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The official Korean Sonic Fan Meeting took place last week, on March 23rd in Gangnam, Seoul, where fans across Korea gathered to celebrate and share their love for Sonic. The event featured fun activities for fans to interact with each other, as well as discussions with Sonic’s official social media staff and Sonic Team members Takashi Iizuka (Series Producer) and Kazuyuki Hoshino (Creative Director).

The Korean gaming website, Konsoler, was able to attend the event and record the developer discussion in full. During the discussion, Iizuka-san and Hoshino-san talked about their involvement with Sonic Team and the Sonic series. They shared some stories, concept art, and answered some pre-selected questions from the attending fans.

Check out the full video and our summary bellow:

This is a video of the Sonic Fan Meeting in Seoul 2024, held at a cafe in Gangnam on March 23rd (Saturday). The event was hosted by announcer Kwon Yiseul, featuring behind-the-scenes stories from Takashi Iizuka, Sonic’s general producer, and Kazuyuki Hoshino, Sonic’s creative director, regarding the series development. You can also watch the Q&A session where users’ questions submitted in advance are answered, as well as discussions on Sonic merchandise and the anime/movie.

In this discussion, Iizuka-san and Hoshino-san expressed gratitude to fans for attending the event and shared stories about the development of Sonic and Sonic Team. They discussed the Japanese and American development teams behind Sonic, highlighting the American team’s work on games like Team Sonic Racing, Sonic Dream Team, and Sonic Mania. Additionally, they discussed upcoming Sonic projects, including Sonic Movie 3 and the Knuckles series. The developers also shared Sonic-related experiences, such as visits to Sega headquarters and Sonic concerts. They revealed background stories behind Sonic character designs, showcased never-before-seen character concept art for Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Trip, and Shadow, and shared a picture of Sonic Team on location scouting during the development of Sonic Adventure 2 in Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park.

Iizuka-san and Hoshino-san discussed the thought process behind Shadow’s design, emphasizing his immense strength through his red streaks on black fur and rings on each hand and foot.

They expressed excitement about the upcoming Sonic game, “Sonic X Shadow Generations,” and revealed the Korean logo for the game.

They also addressed the controversy surrounding the first Sonic Movie’s design for Sonic, mentioning that the design was such a hot topic that even Disney ended up using it in Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

The panel then moved on to the Q&A section, where they answered some pre-selected questions from the fans, including one about Eggman’s and Maria’s relationship.

The Korean Sonic Fan Meeting is part of an Asian fan meeting tour, with the next stop being Taipei.

Stay tuned to Sonic City for more Sonic Event coverage!

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