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In yesterday’s Sonic fan meeting in Seoul, Korea, there was a Q&A panel where fans got to ask questions to members of Sonic Team, which included Takashi Iizuka and Kazuyuki Hoshino.

During this event, an interesting fan question was chosen by the panel and answered by Takashi Iizuka: “Who is older, Eggman or Maria? Does Maria know Eggman?” To which Iizuka-san responded by firstly acknowledging it as an “interesting question” that he hadn’t thought about before. He then went on to answer by stating that “Dr. Eggman’s age has not been disclosed, but well, if we consider he’s probably under 50 years old, then, if Maria were alive today, she would be older than him,” adding that Gerald (Eggman’s and Maria’s grandfather) had two sons, with Maria and Eggman born into each family, making them cousins.

This information poses even more questions for fans. For example, the fan in question speculates that Eggman and Gerald, who also died 50 years ago, did not know each other, and all the information Eggman knows about Maria was acquired after her death, which is something that has been confirmed in Eggman’s audio logs in Sonic Frontiers. Additionally, among the current main characters, the oldest character (based on birth year and month) is Shadow.

What do you think of this information? Let us know below, and make sure you keep it locked to Sonic City for more Sonic News and Updates!

Source: @JKT_sonic on Twitter

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