A new 13″ Nine plush by JAKKS Pacific has been listed on Amazon. It is currently unavailable to order, but we do have some product details and information to go along with it; check them out below!

Tails Nine is a two-tailed anthropomorphic fox with seven mechanical tails, who resides underground in New Yoke City. Embrace this adorable Sonic Prime 13-inch tall plush! Soft to the touch, this huggable Tails Nine is made of plush material and can be used as a cuddle buddy and looks great in any room. Perfect for fans of all ages!

Product Description

You can keep an eye out and order the plush as soon as it’s available by clicking here.

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  1. James Rank

    Too bad they don’t seem to ship to the UK =(

    1. Bella

      When do you think it will release in the uk?? I’m eager.

  2. bella

    do any of you know when it will release in the uk?

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