Gravity Interactive has announced a new collaboration event with Sonic the Hedgehog!

Gravity Interactive and SEGA collaborated to bring a multitude of in-game items to Gravity Interactive’s hit MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, a game that has captivated PC gamers worldwide for over 20 years. The collaboration features cosmetics, pets, and an accompanying questline that players in Ragnarok Online can complete and attain. Following a large 20th-anniversary event in 2023 for fans of the game, Ragnarok Online continues to reward players with content, such as through this collaboration. Ragnarok Online is available to play for free on Windows and Steam. Gravity Interactive warmly invites fans of classic MMORPGs with heavy community interaction to enter the world of Midgard in Ragnarok Online.

Ragnarok Online provides an open world with limitless possibilities. From collecting powerful equipment to defeating notorious world bosses with players across a server, the game features heavy RPG elements. Players can also get married, participate in Guild vs. Guild battles, control territory, customize stats and skills, adopt other players, and more. Ragnarok Online also features a very upbeat and melodic original soundtrack.

Players in Ragnarok Online will be able to purchase five different RO X Sonic packages. These five packages feature a variety of items, including a “Costume Mini Super Sonic,” “Costume Chaos Emerald,” “Sonic Badges,” and more. The event will take place from March 26th to April 23rd. Players over base level 100 can complete a questline to receive “Rings,” which can be exchanged for unique upgrades. Players under base level 100 can still purchase the different Sonic packages. The event page can be viewed here.

Players on PC and Steam can purchase these limited items from March 26th until April 23rd. Interested players can sign up for an account and learn more about the game at the official Ragnarok Online website here. Fans can also follow the game on Facebook here.

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