Spanish gaming magazine Games Tribune Magazine (GTM) has announced AZUL HISTORIA, a 280-page book documenting the history of Sonic the Hedgehog, complete with high-quality photos and unique illustrations. The book comes in a standard Sonic Edition and a special limited-numbered Super Sonic Edition.

The book is written entirely in Spanish by Ramón Méndez, with the illustrations drawn by Sergio Melero and Toni Mula Martínez. There’s currently no word on whether there will be other language versions.

The standard Sonic Edition is a hardcover book that comes with a dust jacket illustrated by Sergio Melero, which includes engravings with ultraviolet ink.

The Super Sonic Edition is also a hardcover book with special dust jackets die-cut in gold paper and includes a numbered edition certificate, three exclusive lithographs, and a 60mm “Chaos Medallion” that comes in a blue suede bag.

Azul Historia: The Genesis of Sonic the Hedgehog brings together more than 30 years of life of the famous SEGA mascot in a single book. A journey that starts with Sonic’s first steps and goes through the loops of his conception, the bumpers of the construction of his universe and discovers both hidden gems and multimedia projects. All this from the hand of Ramón Méndez, an expert in the blue hedgehog, and presented in a deluxe full-color edition that brings together exclusive illustrations by Sergio Melero and Toni Mula in its pages .

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You can pre-order the book on GTM’s official website, which will start shipping on December 11 and is available for international shipping through the publisher’s website. By pre-ordering any edition, you’ll also get a special commemorative pin from GTM.

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  1. TechyList

    Wow, this sounds like an incredible book! As a longtime Sonic fan, I’m so excited to learn more about the history of my favorite character. The 280 pages must be packed with fascinating information and insights. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! 🤩

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