A new job listing on SEGA of America’s LinkedIn Page has appeared detailing a new job opening for a Sonic lore aficionado.

This new management position will serve as a facilitator for the rest of the lore team at Sonic Team and will help keep track of both old and new continuities assuring that everything stays consistent in all types of media. The Lore Associate manager will also assist with the creative process, including brainstorming, script writing, and provide feedback.

The job posting reads:

Reporting to the Director of Lore and Creative Strategy, the Sonic Team is seeking an Associate Manager, Lore to support the growing needs of our lore team. With both project management and creative duties, you will be immersed in the organizing and shaping of Sonic lore, canon, characters, and universes, helping to bring consistency, connectivity, and creativity to all things Sonic across various forms of media including games, animation, comics, and more. Codifying the current status while planning for the future, you will help the lore team stay organized, prioritized, and galvanized, all while facilitating transparency and communication across the organization.

This role will interface closely with teams around the world. We strive to foster a supportive, thoughtful, innovative, flexible, collaborative, and most importantly, respectful work environment, and are looking for team members that share these same values.

One of the preferred skills is obviously being “extremely well-versed in all things Sonic (lore, characters, games, animations, comics, movies, etc.)”.

This could be your chance to become an official Sonic lore master! Are you thinking about applying for this position? Let us know down bellow!

Source: LinkedIn

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