Gemerl, an advanced robot created by Professor Gerald Robotnik, appearing primarily in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics and the Sonic Advance series, is finally making his playable debut in Sonic Speed Simulator!

Gemerl is now available to unlock by completing the Chao School event missions:

This also marks the second time that Vanilla has gotten an official 3D model, with the first time being in 2005’s Sonic Rush.

Check out the patch notes for this latest update below:

  • UI clean-up (brighter colors for older UI designs)
  • Layered Clothing enabled in-game
  • Tornado Assault Minigame brought back in Emerald Hill
  • Updated Help screen to add new pages about Chao Stats
  • Added GUI text to help explain unlocking Races/Mastery/RSR shop for new players

Be sure to unlock Gemerl while you can, and stay tuned to Sonic City for more Sonic Speed Simulator News and Updates!

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