Discotek Media who is well known for bringing anime and live action Asian movies on DVD in North America, has announced that Sonic X will be released on Blu-ray including all 78 episodes from the original uncensored Japanese version.

The release will include the following:

  • 78 episodes in SD-BD
  • Japanese audio with Eglish subtitles
  • Includes the 5.1 audio tracks from the Japanese HISPEC DVDs, as well as the 2.0 mixes
  • “Massively restored video”. The least amount of seizure editing ever – the restoration process used the best possible video sources
  • Newly-revised subtitles, based on the original Hulu subtitles. Translation fixes, added signs, translated commercial bumpers, all NEP translated as well
  • Credits OP and ED sequences, plus Japanese and English pilot episodes

This new, possibly definitive, way of watching the original Sonic X is scheduled to release in Winter 2023

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Discotek Media Twitter

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