From June 12th to 30th, a Sonic POP UP SHOP will be held at Shinjuku Marui Annex in Tokyo, Japan!

A variety of deluxe merchandise, including items featuring illustrations drawn by five illustrators, will be sold. SEGA has commissioned illustrations from five talented artists. Check out some of the full illustrations below!

The merchandise includes:

  • Random Classic Sonic Stickers (550 yen each, 2,750 yen for the complete set)
  • Acrylic dioramas featuring the illustrations from the artists (1,650 yen each)
  • Random artist illustration stickers (550 yen each, 2,750 yen for the complete set)
  • Random artist illustration key chain (770 yen each, 3,850 yen for the complete set)

For every 3,000 yen purchase, customers will receive a random postcard with the above shown artwork (1 out of 5) as a gift!

If you happen to be in Japan, be sure to visit the Shinjuku Marui Annex in Tokyo for a chance to nab this very exclusive line of official Sonic merchandise!

Stay tuned to Sonic City for more Sonic Merchandise News and Updates!

Source: Sonic Channel on Twitter

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