Hello! I’m Tomoko Hayane.
The rainy season is approaching, and we’re getting more and more gloomy weather… But this month, there’s no time to feel down because of the rain.

On June 23rd, a Sonic birthday event will be held at Tokyo Joypolis in Odaiba! I’m sure many of you are already excited and planning your visit. I know I am!

So, with the flow of everything so far, you might already know whose illustration we’re featuring this month…

The character appearing in this month’s wallpaper illustration is…

That’s right! Sonic, who celebrates his birthday on June 23rd!

Sonic looks like he’s about to jump out from the other world (?) through the ring! I can’t help but imagine that Sonic often comes to visit our world like this. If that’s the case, I wonder where his favorite spots might be… I can think of all sorts of scenarios!
Knowing Sonic, I’m sure he’d have plenty of exciting adventures in our world too!

So, as I was discussing the illustration with my colleagues, we got really excited about the idea of places we’d like to show Sonic if he came to visit.

There were lots of suggestions, like Mount Fuji and famous driving routes, but we all unanimously agreed that we’d want to introduce him to a delicious chili dog place. There are so many great spots in Tokyo alone that we’d love to show him around. But since Sonic can run at the speed of sound, he could probably visit every place on his own in no time!

Where are your favorite places that you’d want to introduce or take Sonic to? Please let us know!
I’d love for you to share your thoughts with the hashtag #ソニかつ on X (formerly Twitter)!

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Source: Sonic Channel

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