Hello! This is Tomoko Hayane.

How did you all spend your Golden Week?

As for me, I spent a fulfilling time in the world of Sonic, rewatching the movie in preparation for the domestic release of the drama “Knuckles” on Paramount+.

Now, speaking of Knuckles, the mysterious woman who appears in this month’s wallpaper illustration is his arch-nemesis (?). She’s a slightly sexy jewel thief who always gets into friendly fights with him over the Master Emerald…!

Appearing in this month’s wallpaper illustration is…

Yes, it’s Rouge!

This time, Rouge’s illustration is quite different from her previous wild and cool appearance; she exudes a sexy and mysterious vibe!

Her smile seems to suggest she’s plotting something, perhaps luring someone in for her own purposes… like beckoning Knuckles and trying to cleverly manipulate him.

During our illustration viewing session with colleagues this time, one staff member shared their excitement, saying, “Even though I know this illustration is just her greeting someone, seeing the admired big sister Rouge acknowledging me like this! It makes me happy!” It’s such an adorable reaction, and I can’t help but empathize a bit. There’s definitely a charm to the admired big sister that’s hard to resist.

What about you all? When you saw this Rouge illustration, what were your thoughts and feelings? If you’d like, please share them with us by posting with the hashtag #ソニかつ on X (formerly Twitter)!

Well then, let’s meet again in the next wallpaper introduction!

Source: Sonic Channel

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