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Hello everyone!

We’ve just updated two sections on the website!

Firstly, we’ve updated the Background Music section of our Music Archive with the soundtrack of the recently released Sonic Dream Team . As usual, the songs are all in high-quality .flac format ripped straight from the game’s files. Take a listen, why don’t you?

Secondly, our Shop is finally online! If you’ve been an avid visitor, you might have noticed that we’ve had that “Shop” link in our menu for quite some time, but today we’re officially open for business! Well… sort of. It’s not so much a shop, more like a way to support us and what we do while buying some cool Sonic-related merch. We’ve partnered up with Amazon, Entertainment Earth, LEGO, and other vendors to link to their Sonic-related products so that way, if you happen to find something that you like and buy from them, we’ll get a small commission from every bought item! We’ve also added a new “Featured Sonic Merchandise” section to our sidebar for the stuff that we think is really worth it.

So what’s next for Sonic City?

Well, you’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you? But that “Forum” link on the menu is looking mighty enticing…

Until next time!

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