Video game news website Destructoid, has updated with more details about the first upcoming free content DLC for Sonic Frontiers, releasing on March 23rd 2023. The post also includes 3 new screenshots of the the update, which you can check out bellow!

The details of the update are as follows:

  • “Sights” is referring to a brand-new Photo Mode. In order to shoot pictures of Sonic and his companions in action as they zip around the Starfall Islands, gamers will be able to pause the game at any time (outside of cutscenes) and take control of a freely movable camera. Any aspiring photographers can now document the exotic landscape of the Starfall Islands in all its glory.
  • A Jukebox Mode with 53 tracks of “your favorite Sonic songs” will also be part of the new DLC. At launch, the first 13 tracks will be accessible; the remaining 40 tracks can be acquired by collecting “Sound Memories” that are hidden across the Starfall Islands.
  • “Speed” refers to two brand-new Challenge Modes that were created to put seasoned Sonic Frontiers fans to the test. Sonic will engage in a time-attack battle with a horde of foes in Battle Rush, including Titans and Guardians, while in The Cyber Space Challenge, players must race through several Cyber Space stages back-to-back. Both game types appear to be designed to put players’ reflexes, efficiency, and skill in melee combat to the test.

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Source: Destructoid

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