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Act 12: ‘Eggman’s Final Weapon’

<< ZUGOGOGO……! >>

A giant of purple and gold, easily a hundred meters in length, descends from the high skies, its massive body crackling with purple sparks.

And then, it lands, merging the giant parabolic antenna of the flower that had pushed Sonic and his friends up from underground onto its back… Once it achieves complete fusion with the vines and roots extending from the flower, it seems unable to bear its own weight and plants its hands on the ground, coming to a stop on all fours like a wild beast.

“What? What is that?”
“I don’t know… but it’s definitely some intense cognitive friction energy!”
“Is it begging for its life as soon as it appears? What a joke!”

The three of them express their skepticism, to which Eggman, from within the giant, cheerfully delivers his speech.

“Ho-ho-ho! Are you impressed? You fools probably have no idea what this is. Behold! The miracle that will transform everything into my rightful otherworldly domain, the realization of otherworldly conquest!”

The giant then shakes its back and lets out a fierce roar.



From the flower on the giant, a dome-shaped barrier of light spreads with incredible force… It quickly engulfs Sonic and his friends, turning the inside landscape into a flooded ruin, and continues to expand far into the distance.

<<Bwon bwon bwon…>>

“This is…ugh!”
“I-It hurts… aaahh!”
“My head…!”

With no time to worry about their surroundings, the three of them crouch down, clutching their heads as Eggman’s triumphant voice rains down upon them.

“”Ho-ho-ho! Did you see, did you hear, were you surprised? This is the miracle of my ultimate weapon, the ‘Egg Field’!””

Eggman, pleased with the immobilized Sonic and his friends, continues.

“”This is an otherworldly space where I can change the world line that I once failed due to a slight oversight into its correct form! I will overwrite the memories of this planet and… all who live on it!””

Looking around, Sonic and his friends find themselves amidst the destroyed and submerged cityscape of Station Square…

It’s the place of Eggman’s legendary defeat when he lost control of “Chaos” the God of Destruction. However, memories that are hard to accept are being forcibly inserted into their minds.

[[Eggman conquered the world with Chaos…]]
[[…I swore loyalty to Eggman…]]

“NO WAY! You’re kidding me…ugh!”
“That flower…! The flower on the robot’s back is creating this field…!”
“Darn! Memories I don’t know are flooding into my head…!”

A world happily conquered by Eggman, an impossible otherworld that is being forcibly changed into “truth.”

As their memories become hazy, the three of them desperately resist while the submerged buildings around them slowly transform into Eggman’s constructions.

Hey! Are you okay?

Tails receives an emergency transmission from Silver through his communicator.

We’ve found our friends who have the Chaos Emeralds! We’re on our way to help…

“No, it’s no use! If you enter this field… you’ll be brainwashed too!”

Tails responds breathlessly. Silver and the others, outside the now several kilometers wide Egg Field, drop their shoulders in shock.

“No way…!”

“Ho-ho-ho! Are you at a dead end, little creatures? My dominion is already being acknowledged by Mother Planet. Give up!”

Eggman declares victory with a rapturous voice as he looks down at the three who can do nothing but crouch and endure.

Just when everyone thought all was lost…

<< Kah!>>

A high-density white light roars through the center of the Egg Field…! And it gouges out and incinerates the flower on the giant’s back.

““What the…!?””


The giant, gouged in the back by an unexpectedly violent attack and writhing in agony, finally manages to recover by propping itself up with tentacle-like vines and roots, despite repeated explosions in various parts of its body.

““What on earth… My Egg Field!””

With the source of its power cut off, the Egg Field disappears in an instant.

Although the surrounding landscape is still the submerged Station Square, Sonic and his friends are freed from the overwritten memories and quickly regain their spirits.

“Thanks! I don’t know who you are, but you saved us!”

A miraculous strike that stunned both Eggman and Sonic.

They would later learn that it was launched from a harbor hundreds of kilometers away…

…Standing tall at the pier, the steel giant “Grand Botkaiser” gazes at the distant horizon, its chest cannon emitting a trail of plasma smoke.

“Was it really okay to fire just now?”

This was muttered by Cubot.

“What are you talking about! With such a crazy high-energy reaction going on, it’s obviously an ‘enemy’, right?”

Orbot interjected with a retort.

“Artillery combat is about striking first. High-energy reaction gone, mission complete.”

Gemerl declared the situation over and made a gesture as if lifting a cup with his left hand.

“Well, it’s true that after firing that, we can hardly move anymore.”
“Yeah, let’s have a drink at the oil bar and call it a night~♪”

Eventually, the steel giant separated into three robots, and while supporting each other, they disappeared cheerfully into the back alleys of the robot entertainment district…

“Is that all you’ve got, Eggman? Should I teach you how to juggle?”

Sonic provocatively taunts Eggman with a splendid display of acrobatics as he calmly approaches the wounded giant.

““Silence! Just because you destroyed the amplification device doesn’t mean you’ve won! The power to transform into another world is still intact, take this!””

As Eggman mockingly imitates Sonic’s gestures, the water at their feet and the walls and windows of the buildings erupt with an enormous amount of giant tree roots and vines, attacking Sonic and his friends with ferocious speed.

“Ha! You think these twigs can stop me?”
“But… there are so many of them, Sonic!”
“Tch! There’s no end to them!”

Perhaps this is also the otherworldly power, but the roots and ivy that Eggman’s riding giant unleashes are never ending, no matter how many times they are knocked down.

“”What’s the matter? I can keep this up all day!””

Eggman, sensing victory, becomes overconfident…


Suddenly, the giant’s roots and vines are scattered by a barrage of gunfire. Eggman is infuriated by this unexpected interference.

“”Who dares interrupt me?!””

“…Omega style, present!”

There stands Omega, the strongest robot fully armed, holding up a Gatling gun with a commanding presence.

And marching from then on is the essence of “Battle Blossom Arrangement”… the art of arranging the oddly shaped steel plants, the “Tricky Flowers” as combat devices, “Battle Blossoms.” The large army of troops, the “Battle Blossom Battalion.”

<< Rumble>>

The “Ω” family crest shines on Omega’s kimono as he and his licensed disciple Rouge, who has mastered the way, lead with spirited command.

“New type of giant tricky flower detected. It will be eliminated at once!”
“I’m happy to help, but please don’t forget about my reward, the topaz scissors, okay, school head? 

Omega’s Battle Blossoms overrun the roots on the ground and Rouge’s blossoms overrun the ivy in the sky. The tables are turned. The onslaught of Sonic and his friends has begun.

“”Stop it! Stop it now!””

Eggman, clearly panicking, depletes his proud defenses in an instant. The giant swings its fist at Omega and Rouge

<< Clang!>>

But it is deflected by a silvery psychic barrier.


“We finally made it in! You guys held up well until now! It’s all right now!”
“That straight white light earlier… was that Amy’s ‘clothesline pole’…?”

The long-awaited reinforcements, Silver and Blaze, crash in from the sky! Silver defends, Blaze attacks… their perfect hit-and-run strategy bewilders the giant.

“”Annoying flies!””

As Eggman’s giant raises both arms to chase after the two…

“Move, move, move! The star has arrived! Make way for Vector Man!”

Vector Man, with his cape fluttering, arrives at subsonic speed, deflecting the attacking vines. And then…

“Your belly’s wide open!”

He delivers an upward body blow to the giant, causing the hundred-meter-tall behemoth to bend like a bow.


The giant, caught off guard by the powerful strike, nearly falls to its knees. And then, in its field of vision…

The figure of the fighting king, ready with clenched fists to meet the challenge.

“Bite down hard!”


The champion Knuckles’ fierce uppercut sends the giant’s head flying. Inside the exposed armor, a shining purple sphere…

“There! That core is the weak point! Hurry and…!”

Tails immediately identifies the weakness, and two voices cry out as if on cue…

“Chaos Control!”

With a flash of light, Sonic and Shadow warp near the giant’s core. Their homing attacks pincer the core.

Eggman, firing rays of light haphazardly from the core, tries to intercept…

“”Stop, stop it!””



The homing attacks hit their mark. The moment the two land, a massive explosion occurs.

“Did we do it?”

Everyone watches the motionless giant with bated breath.

And then…

As the smoke clears, the giant’s head… reveals an unscathed core.

“”Ho-ho-ho! Unfortunate for you. This core cannot be destroyed!””

“No way… Even Sonic and Shadow can’t break it…”

As the giant slowly regenerates its damaged parts, seeing that Sonic and his friends have ceased their fierce attack, the core remains exposed, a chance seemingly slipping away… It was at that moment, when even Tails seemed about to give up, that…

Sonic! Catch this!”

Blaze’s voice echoed from the sky, and with it, her tail’s jewel was thrown towards Sonic, tracing a sparkling path. As it neared Sonic, it transformed into its true form, a purple Chaos Emerald, emitting a strong light… And in response, the brooch on Sonic’s chest also changed into a white Chaos Emerald, beginning to shine.

With a silent nod between Blaze and Sonic, everyone understood what needed to be done in unison.

“…You better have this, Sonic!”
“The charm for victory! I entrust it to you!”
Sonic! We’re counting on you!”

One by one, their tiaras, pendants, and transformation belts, filled with their thoughts and wishes, gathered to Sonic. They returned to their original forms, their colors shining more brightly.

“This is just a loan, remember. It’s still mine!”

And as Knuckles pushed his champion belt onto Sonic, Shadow also tossed his microphone.


As Sonic caught the green Chaos Emerald, now returned to its original form, he was about to tease Shadow for his unusual cooperation… but then he noticed that Shadow had injured his leg.

It had been hit by a stray laser during the attack on the core.

After a visibly displeased expression, Shadow gave Sonic a sharp glance and said just one thing.

“Don’t mess this up.”

In that instant, the green Chaos Emerald’s glow intensified. The remaining Chaos Emeralds also increased their light, and a dazzling brightness enveloped the area…

And a moment later, Sonic had transformed into the invincible Super Sonic, shining in gold.

““What?! Supersonic?! Impossible! How did…?””

Eggman, who had just managed to replay the giant’s head camera, could not hide his surprise at the sudden appearance of Supersonic in his field of vision. Desperately protecting the still uncovered core with his hands, he stumbles backward with his massive body.

“No time for a long explanation. Let me get this done quickly, okay?”

Sonic took a deep breath and gathered strength in his golden body, which was increasing in light…

““Stop it!””

Sonic turned into a streak of light and pierced through Eggman’s giant, along with the core, from the back. A moment later, a massive explosion occurred from within, scattering the giant’s huge body.

<< Boom! >>

“Did I finally do it…!?”
“No, not yet.”

Tails was about to rejoice when Shadow, with a stern look, stopped him. Supersonic, too, was staring intently at the burning debris with a serious expression.

“It’s about time you come out, Eggman. You’re going to turn into a baked egg, you know?”

<< Kiiiiin…. >>

As if responding to Sonic’s call, a point of intense light emerged from the giant’s wreckage…


As everyone focused on the ominous presence, it suddenly increased in brightness and, with a shockwave, blew away the debris and slowly rose into the mid-air. The divine point of light eventually took the form of a person and declared in a grand voice to Sonic and the others.

“I never thought I’d have to show you my “trump card”… Now you’ll learn what happens when you defy the creator of this alternate world!”

…And so, the true final battle began.

(To be continued in Part 2…)

Source: Sonic Channel

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