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A streak of lightning soars through the sky at an incredible speed, followed by another flash of light.

Every time the two lights intersect, they fiercely repel each other, scattering intense sparks that illuminate the ground. These entities, while closely matched, reject each other and engage in an extremely aggressive speed contest for a few moments…

Eventually, the two lights take a large distance from each other, and with a seemingly coordinated timing, they make a sharp U-turn and accelerate fiercely. In a head-on collision where neither gives an inch, a flash of light that makes it impossible to tell day from night explodes with a sound, illuminating the surroundings.

And after a few seconds of silence, two shining figures appear from the clouds…

It was Super Sonic, who gained invincible power from the Chaos Emeralds, and… Lightman Eggman, who possessed a power comparable to it.

Looking at Eggman, who is panting heavily, Sonic half-mockingly sends his compliments while whistling.

“You surprised me, Eggman! It seems like you can’t beat the years, huh?”
“Shut up! My power is not just this, you stupid rat!”

Eggman, who is catching his breath and descending rapidly, and Sonic, who is chasing him…!

“I don’t know what you’re planning…”

The moment Sonic was about to make a wisecrack. Just as Eggman made a U-turn when he descended to just above the water surface, a huge shadow rose from the bottom of the water in exchange.

<< Gooo!! >>

Suddenly, a fierce energy roar emitted from the water surface, and Sonic loses his balance significantly. Sonic, who barely managed to dodge the attack at the last moment, would have been blown away if he hadn’t been in a super state.

“You’ve even recreated Perfect Chaos…!”

The rampaging disaster that once flooded Station Square. The “God of Destruction” who tried to destroy everything indiscriminately, attacks Sonic again with an energy breath that pierces mountains. Eggman is in high spirits and rants.

“This is the world where I controlled Chaos and everything went well! By defeating you and making this otherworld “right”, the “Otherworldly Conquest” will be completed!”

Sonic was smoothly avoiding the roaring blast, but Eggman’s tricks were not just that. Collapsing buildings, rising rocks, and surging waves… Everything around him is targeting Sonic at Eggman’s command.

“Ho-ho-ho! How about this! And this! Take that!”

To add insult to injury, the surrounding buildings transform into Perfect Chaos one after another at Eggman’s command. They quickly surround Sonic.

“What !?”

Before he knew it, all of their big mouths were brimming with energy, and Sonic was cornered into a desperate situation.

“This is the end!”

<< Gooo!! >>

A concentrated roar of fire.

The energy evaporates the seawater within a few hundred meters around it, and the steam smoke is blown up high into the sky…

But when the smoke disappears in the wind, there is a golden hedgehog, unscathed and stationary in the sky.

“…That won’t work on me!”
“What!? Could it be that the power of Super Sonic is neutralizing the otherworld…? No, it can’t be…!”

Sonic answers while holding his hand to his chest, looking at the flustered Eggman.

“Eggman. That’s not the Chaos I know, it’s a fake. It might have had “hatred” at that time, but it had a “heart”. But this Chaos has nothing.”
“That power too, it’s just a fake that just gathered energy. It’s completely different from me, who received everyone’s feelings that didn’t change even in the otherworld. That’s why… it doesn’t work at all!”

<< Bang!! >>

And when Sonic expands his golden aura all at once with a shout, that light wipes out the group of Perfect Chaos around him.

“You, Sonic…! As long as I have this power, I can create as many Chaos and otherworlds as I want! Eventually, you will be the one to surrender!”

The Chaos forces are revived one after another, and the Eggfield gradually recovers. A moment later, invisible sparks began to scatter between Sonic, who had somehow regained the upper hand, and Eggman, who was preparing for a counterattack…

<< Beep beep! >>

Breaking the silence, an emergency communication from Tails comes in, and both Sonic and Eggman, who were taken aback, listen to the sound.

<I’ve analyzed Eggman in combat and found his weakness! The glowing core part in his chest! That’s the control device for the cognitive friction energy!> “No, no… you meddling…!”
“Thank you, Tails! You saved me!”

Sonic chases after Eggman, who covers his chest with his hand and hastily jumps up into the high sky.

As Eggman, who is desperately fleeing, raises his hand, the surroundings are instantly transformed into an otherworld in outer space. The “Eclipse Cannon”, an optical weapon capable of piercing stars, installed on the Space Colony Ark, points its muzzle at Sonic and its enormous energy attacks Sonic

“I told you it won’t work!”

<< Bang!! >>


When Sonic shouts and emits a golden aura, the otherworld disappears into thin air. The fake cosmos also collapses. Eggman, who has no choice but to run away without a fight, continues to create otherworlds endlessly, whether he knows it’s a futile resistance or not.

…A world where Dark Gaia’s power was used to complete the reborn Eggmanland. …A world where the Deadly Six obeyed and the ultimate weapon was completed with the life energy of the planet. …A world where the rampaging Mother Wisp was also controlled and all the creatures in the world were brainwashed.

But all of Eggman’s dream otherworlds are instantly wiped out by the brilliance of Super Sonic.

“Give up, Eggman! Your ridiculous “Otherworldly Conquest” is over!”
“Shut up! You’re wiping out all of my dreams!”

As they were saying this, they ran away to a dead end with high walls…

“Darn it, listen! Sonic! You ignorant little creature!”

Cornered, Eggman tries to escape the crisis with a grand speech.

“Surely! If you defeat me, the otherworld will disappear. Along with these fun worlds! But, is that really okay?”

Seeing a moment of hesitation in Sonic’s demeanor, Eggman gains momentum and rants even more.

“After all, what did I do wrong? Weren’t all the otherworlds fun? I didn’t break anything! I didn’t distort any essence!”

Indeed… it seems so.

The live stage where everyone was thrilled by the perfect performance. A unique fortune-telling house that guides troubled maidens. A warm pizza shop that connects different races… Each of them is a charming and irreplaceable world. The people living there were happy.

“What’s wrong with me? There’s no sin in the many otherworlds, is there? Where do you have the right to erase those happy worlds?”

…A few seconds of silence.

Taking advantage of the fact that the desperate expedient seemed to work, Eggman, who was storing energy in the core of his chest and timing a surprise attack…

<Don’t be fooled, Sonic!>

Then, once again, an emergency communication from Tails comes in.

<I checked out the plant on the ground and found out that it was a facility to gradually change the existing otherworlds into a world that is convenient for Eggman using energy!>

Tails’s voice further denounces the agitated Eggman.

<You’ve been saying all kinds of nice-sounding things for a while now, but in the end, you’ve just been taking a cut from everyone’s dreams, haven’t you?>
“Grrr! Shut up!”

Eggman, who was flustered, tried to hit Sonic in desperation, but was easily dodged and instead was hit with a full-body blow.

<< Doggon! >>

“’Didn’t do anything wrong’, you say…?”

Facing Eggman, who had finally gotten up from the rubble and was blown away, Sonic finally opens his mouth.

“Those otherworlds were in someone’s mind. You went and pulled them out, exposed them, and forced them onto the planet!”

And Sonic, who had filled his whole body with power and closed the distance, continued in an attacking stance.

“I’m going to restore it and save the planet from suffering! …That’s all!”

“Wait, Sonic! Let’s talk about it! You might change your mind if you see this!?”

Sensing Sonic’s serious attack, Eggman hastily restrains him with both hands and, without learning his lesson, creates another otherworld in front of him.

It is… the peaceful Green Hill.

Filled with beautiful nature and light, and with a cheerful running course visible, it’s the best location that Sonic knows well…

But when you look beyond that world, all the structures have turned into delicious chili dogs, and the sea and rivers are filled with chili dogs, creating a bizarre scene.

“How about it! Your favorite world… Don’t you like it? If you leave this world to me, I can create as many as you want…”

<< Bang!! >>

When Sonic pushes Eggman and his otherworld away with a hand, the scenery is instantly wiped out.

“Why, why!? What didn’t you like!?”

Aiming at Eggman, who is tumbling down in the void, Sonic, who has filled his whole body with a golden aura and become an arrow of light, approaches Eggman…!

“First of all, you have really bad taste! And second, Eggman…!”
“Stop it!”

<< Crack…! >>

When a golden flash runs past Eggman’s eyes, the core part in his chest shatters. With his hand on his chest where something should have been but is now gone, and his mouth wide open in panic, Sonic continued with Eggman behind him.

“I don’t need a paradise that’s been imposed on me!”

<< Dogoon!! >>

“Curse you, Sonic! You’ll regret this~!”

With the destruction of the core, the energy that lost its place to go explodes. Eggman is blown away into the far reaches of the sky while spinning around.

Seeing the surrounding world slowly returning to its original form as the abnormality is removed, Sonic returned to where everyone was with a sense of relief.

Some time later.

The popular pizza shop “CHAO’s Diner” in the Mystic Ruins mountains is fully booked for a private event today.

In this shop, where the otherworld transformation still remains, Sonic’s friends who have regained their memories gathered and enjoyed a brief chat.

Even though their memories have returned, their appearances remain changed due to the otherworld transformation. Tails, who has become quite accustomed to the princess costume, explains the purpose of the party to the gathered crowd, albeit shyly.

“We’ve destroyed the cause of the otherworld transformation, but it’s a planetary-scale event after all. It’s going to take some time to return to normal. So while the effects of the otherworld transformation are still present, I thought we could all get together and have some fun!”
“That’s right. We don’t often get the chance to meet everyone in such outfits, so let’s all have fun today!”

At Sonic’s call, stories of the otherworld bloomed at tables here and there.

“Come on, don’t hesitate to eat! I’ll keep baking!”

Tikal and Chaos’ kitchen is in full swing. The delicious smell fills the venue.

“…Nice place.”

Knuckles, who is enjoying a special fruit pizza while mingling with the happy Chao and the the Knuckles tribe, murmurs.

At the table right next to the pizza oven, there is Cream, who is having a great time between Vector and Big.

Cream was supposed to be helping out at the shop, but before she knew it, she had become a dedicated waitress for the two of them, happily shuttling between the kitchen and the table. She delivers freshly baked pizzas to her admired “Vector Man” and her beloved “Mafia Don”.

“This is delicious! It’s going right into my stomach!”
“Umm. It’s delicious~”
“It’s good to eat properly! Mommy also said so!”

Vanilla, who is sitting with them, watches Cream with a smile.

“…Cream, the next pizza is baked. Take it.”

The one helping with the pizza cooking in the kitchen is Gemerl. With his steel hands, he takes the pizzas directly out of the oven and puts them on plates one after another. When Cream comes, he gently places a plate on Cream’s hand to avoid burns and sees her off.

“The act of singing on stage… does not compute. Not applicable to Shadow’s behavioral pattern.”
“Hmph. I don’t remember exactly… but if I did it, it must have been perfect.”
“What was up with Omega being a flower arrangement master, anyway? Well, I was his apprentice.”

The three members of Team Dark look back on the situation in a collected, nonchalant manner, but are somewhat amused.

“What should I do… I’m definitely going to get scolded by the boss~”
“What’s done is done, right Cubot… Well, drink up?”

The robot duo of Cubot and Orbot have a subtle look on their faces at the counter. However, the large number of oil bottles that have been opened tell a story that they are also enjoying this place in their own way.

And at another table…?

“My fortune-telling was a big success! But Blaze’s dress-up was the best! Right, Blaze?”
“Well, it’s natural to change one’s attire according to one’s duties. It was definitely a new experience.”

As Blaze, the magical princess, and Amy, the fortune teller, reminisce, Silver, who had been helping Tikal as a waiter, bites into a pizza plate.

“So that’s the magical princess… that’s an awesome battle outfit! I think you should have worn that instead of a maid’s uniform in that fight.”
“No, that was, Amy…”
“Silver, you don’t understand anything! You really don’t!”

Silver, who was driven away from the table by Amy, delivers a pizza to Elise’s table, who is chuckling and laughing at the whole thing.

“What are you laughing at so much?”
“Oh, it’s nothing. I just thought that waiter outfit suits you. …How about trying to do a skate performance in that outfit next time?”
“…Why? It’s hard to move in.”
“Oh! You really don’t get it, do you?”

Laughter spills out from tables here and there.

It was indeed a lively place, but the farewell began suddenly.

“Hey Vector! Your body is starting to fade!”
“What!? What is this…!”

Before they knew it, not only Vector, but one by one, their bodies began to slowly become transparent.

Tails! What is this…?”
“I’m sure the power of the otherworld transformation is fading. I think we’re probably going back to where we were, in our original form.”

A moment of silence… Only the sound of the firewood in the pizza oven burning and popping echoes around…

“Hey, see you again! I had a great time with you guys! Cream, and… ma’am!”

With a cheerful farewell, Vector disappears wrapped in light, and with that as a trigger, the place became a warm and gentle farewell place.

Friends who are wrapped in light and disappear in turn.

Sonic! I’ll settle the score with you someday!”
“Whenever you’re ready!”
“Heh! We’re on the same page, aren’t we…”

…Eventually, even Knuckles disappears, and before they knew it, only Sonic, Tails, Tikal, and Chaos were left in the place.

After slowly looking around the empty shop, Tikal, who turned back to Sonic, leaned against the counter next to the kitchen and quietly asked.

“We two are different from everyone else… If we disappear, will we really be gone…?”

With a fleeting smile, Tikal finishes speaking and looks down, while Chaos continues to cook pizza silently.

A few seconds of silence.

Eventually, Sonic, who had been watching them quietly, regained his gentle smile, and with his right hand on Tikal’s shoulder… and his left hand on his own chest, he gently said this.

“You guys came from everyone’s hearts. You’re just going back there!”
“That’s right, you’re not going to disappear or anything! …And neither will the delicious pizzas in our belly!”

As Tails assured here, everyone bursts into laughter, and Chaos shakes his shoulders.

“Thank you! I have one more pizza that I’ve been saving for you. You’ll love it…”

She almost said so with a beaming smile and took a couple of steps forward, and Sonic and Tails followed her with their eyes…

But then all that was left was the wind-blown ruins of the Emerald Temple, which was completely deserted.

“Alright, Tails! Let’s get going, shall we?”

After a moment of silence, Sonic suddenly calls out to Tails. To the surprised Tails, Sonic continued.

“The world will take some time to fully return to normal, right? Then before that, we have to enjoy various other worlds!”
“That… that’s right! There are still friends we haven’t met yet!”

As Sonic starts to run, Tails hurriedly catches up.

“First, it’s that guy Jet! I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s like. I hope we make it in time…”
“Wait! Wait, Sonic!”

In addition to the countless stages of adventure, Sonic’s round and blue planet also holds the infinite possibilities of “other worlds”.

Heading towards the far and wide horizon, the adventure-loving blue hedgehog “Sonic the Hedgehog” started running again today in search of a new adventure…!

(The End)


In the underground cave base where Eggmanland once stood, bubbling with boiling lava, there was Eggman, smirking with that core in his hand again.

“I thought something like this might happen, so I made one more spare with the last of the materials! Most of the energy from that thing is gone, but if I gather the rest with this… Huh?!”

He realizes that the core he was supposed to be holding is gone.

“You finally showed your weakness, Doctor!”
“What, what?!”

When Eggman turns around at the sound of the voice, there is Infinite, far away, smirking with the core in one hand, his dazzling outfit fluttering.

“I owe you a lot. I’ll settle the score with this!”
“Wa, wait! Give that back! Wait! …Wait~!!”

Ignoring Eggman’s desperate pleas, Infinite leaves the scene. When he lands next to the lava pool at the bottom of the valley, he gazes at the spoils of war he has stolen with a fascinated look.

“Hehehe, as I thought, a modified prototype of the Phantom Ruby… Just as I thought! If I wear this, I will have power once again!”

Infinite, who once wore the Phantom Ruby, was about to shake his shoulders with joy as he touched his chest… but suddenly a cold wind blew into his heart.

(Am I going to rely on something like this again…?)

His heart’s desire for power and the pride deep within him cause Infinite to hesitate. Whether to wear “this” on his chest or not… a moment’s hesitation arises.


The disappearance of the otherworld happens to Infinite, and his body disappears with the light. The core he was holding slips through his hand and falls into the brightly burning lava… and with a “sizzle” sound, it is lost from this world forever.

Infinite, with his eyes wide open, was taken aback…

“Hu, huhu, haha…”

Eventually, he shakes his head slightly and chuckles, his expression suggesting that this was for the best, and then he disappears with the light. The world was saved again by a strange twist of fate that no one knew about.

Only the wind was blowing in the sky.

(Isekai Ogiri, The End)

Source: Sonic Channel

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