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Hello everyone! I’m Tomoko Hayane, a designer at Sonic Team.

I thought it was hot, but before I knew it, it got cold and it’s already December…! Time goes by so fast.

Speaking of “fast,” there’s Sonic, who runs at the speed of sound, but we must not forget that character who is a fateful rival, whose speed… is second to none to Sonic’s!

…Some of you may have already guessed, but let me introduce this month’s wallpaper illustration!

The character gracing the end of this year is the ultimate masterpiece robot created by the genius scientist Dr. Eggman…!

It’s Metal Sonic!

Metal Sonic always seems ready for battle, but in this illustration, that atmosphere is amped up even more! The expression and pose, as if he’s locked onto a formidable enemy and is closing in, are so cool…!

Whether he’s following Dr. Eggman’s orders to pursue a target, fending off an intruder… or perhaps in the midst of a serious battle with Sonic!?

Either way, it seems like it would be a battle at incredible speeds. Metal Sonic’s somewhat scary coolness and the dignity of being “Dr. Eggman’s ultimate weapon” are irresistible!

Metal Sonic is a robot created in Sonic’s likeness. Its speed and power are on par with the original, truly a “rival”. The obsession with defeating Sonic is intense.

In Sonic Heroes, Metal Sonic even developed a high level of self-awareness and rebelled against its creator, Dr. Eggman, in order to beat Sonic! It’s problematic that he rebelled, but the dangerous level of obsession and strength that even the creator struggles with… is thrilling, isn’t it?

The latest work featuring Metal Sonic is Team Sonic Racing! You can see him driving a cool machine that resembles himself. Be sure to play it and see for yourself!

Source: Sonic Channel

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