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Hello! It’s Tomoko Hayane.

It’s almost cherry blossom viewing season! Although there are still occasionally chilly days, I’m looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms bloom.

Now, let me introduce someone who seems like they would plan a cherry blossom viewing party that everyone can enjoy, a thoughtful and considerate individual!

Can you guess who it is?

Appearing in this month’s wallpaper illustration is…

Yes, it’s Amy!

With her bright and energetic demeanor, Amy is depicted with a radiant smile, holding her trusty Piko Piko Hammer. One can imagine her participating in a fun event like balloon popping or eagerly anticipating an adventure beyond a large ring!

While looking at the illustration together, a colleague suggested that Amy might be smiling as she bravely faces her enemies, ready for her turn! They even joked about envying the enemies who receive such a warm smile from her! (laughs) Later on, they discussed which enemy they would like to be and how they would be defeated by Amy.

If you have any thoughts on the illustration, please feel free to share them! You can also post your comments on X (formerly Twitter) using the hashtag #ソニかつ. We’d love to hear from you!

Source: Sonic Channel

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