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The character appearing in the April 2024 calendar is from the new game “Sonic × Shadow Generations”…


Shadow is a black hedgehog who shares a striking resemblance to Sonic but has a completely different personality. He possesses a ruthless nature, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals, and is a formidable being with incredible power and speed.

While Sonic and Shadow often clash or pass each other by, they seem to recognize and acknowledge each other as rare beings. Though they may never openly admit it…

And thanks to everyone who participated in the calendar character voting together!
The four characters who were available for voting are as follows:

Now, the character chosen to appear alongside Shadow in the calendar is…


Let me explain a little about her relationship with Shadow. Rouge is a treasure hunter specializing in jewels, and she always gets her hands on her target. She made her debut in “Sonic Adventure 2” alongside Shadow in the “Dark Side.”

As a mysterious spy, Rouge operates between Sonic and his friends, Dr. Eggman, and the federal government. She excels in gathering information and kicking techniques, often getting closer to the truth than anyone else. In subsequent titles, she frequently teams up with Shadow, and as the coordinator (?) of “Team Dark,” which includes the strongest combat robot, Omega, she manages the unconventional members!

To sum up Shadow and Rouge’s relationship in one word… it would be “good business partners.” They often take on missions together and have been acquainted for quite some time. However, they don’t interfere too much in each other’s affairs. While their relationship may seem dry on the surface, they discreetly help each other out when in a pinch, suggesting a strong bond of trust beyond just being colleagues!

So, without further ado, here’s the illustration for this time! Shadow is seen relaxing with a drink in hand… while Rouge appears in a more aggressive situation! The contrast between the two through their communication devices is striking! Be sure to download and enjoy it!

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