In 2006, the game “Sonic the Hedgehog” (2006) featured a passionate young man named “Sonic Man,” who greatly admired Sonic and had a remarkable presence. Sonic Man, transcending time and space from the Kingdom of Soleanna to modern-day Tokyo, has made a lightning-fast debut at Sega! He has been appointed as the “Sonic Ambassador” to spread Sonic’s presence worldwide. What kind of feats will this rookie show us…!? Let me introduce you to a day in the life of the fresh and aggressive Sonic Man!

10:30 AM: Entrance Ceremony!

In the meeting room at Sega headquarters…

“Thank you so much for welcoming me to Sega!”

Sonic Man, who suddenly appeared in front of Sega headquarters and was frantically trying to find his way around, was approached by a stroke of luck by a senior executive at Sega. He knew about Sonic Man’s background and his passionate feelings toward Sonic, and thus encouraged him to join Sega, hoping that he would use his power there…

“I’ll do my best to make sure more people get to know about Sonic! Please count on me!”

Sonic Man accepted his appointment with enthusiasm. Behind his mask, his eyes shone with the flames of passion and anticipation for the work ahead.

“I’m well aware of your enthusiastic Sonic activities in your hometown. With Sonic Man on board, we have a powerful ally. Please don’t forget the spirit of ‘SoniKatsu’ even at Sega, and work hard with your senior colleagues.”

“Leave it to me! Spreading joy every day with Sonic… ‘SonicKatsu’ has been my life’s work since coming here!!”

With high spirits, Sonic Man dashed out of the entrance ceremony venue and headed straight to his first assignment…!

11:30 AM: First Task! Soulful Plush Toy Photoshoot!

Sonic Man’s first task is a plush toy photoshoot, known as “nuigurumi tori” in Japanese.

“Nuigurumi tori” involves taking photos of plush toys in various locations and situations. To capture great “nuigurumi tori” photos, it requires plenty of trial and error, skills, as well as love and passion.

“Is this okay, Senpai!?”
“More! It needs more coolness!”
“How about this!? What about this!?”
“That’s it! Yes, that’s it! Say cheese!”

The exchange between Sonic’s senior in charge of social media and Sonic Man regarding “how to capture Sonic well!?” gradually intensifies!

Even the slightest change in the position or pose of the plush toy and the way the light falls can greatly alter the impression of the photo. The two souls, eager to capture photos that will delight Sonic fans, collide.

“Senpai, I think this will really bring out Sonic’s coolness! What do you think!? Is this it!?”
“Great! That’s really good! You’re doing great!”

In the end, the plush toy photoshoot between the two, who had completely hit it off, was a great success! It resulted in a plethora of excellent shots…!

2:00 PM: Supersonic Internal Delivery!

Sonic Man! Wait up!”

Sonic Man, tasked with delivering Sonic merchandise, dashes through the hallway at full speed!

“If it’s a delivery, leave it to me! Just like Sonic, at supersonic speed…!”

While picking up the dropped merchandise, Sonic Man pays no attention to the senior colleague chasing after him and tries to increase his speed to reach his destination…!?

“You can’t run in the hallway, Sonic Man!!”


Upon hearing the desperate shout from his senior, Sonic Man immediately reflects on his actions and kneels down in remorse.

“I-I have many small fans just like Sonic does, and yet, what have I done…! Sonic would never do something like this…!”

And with that, he sheds tears of regret. He deeply, deeply reflects on his actions.

3:00 PM: Encounter With the Admired Sonic!

With a heavy heart due to an unexpected failure, Sonic Man walks towards his next job, encouraged by his senior colleague. Suddenly, at the corner, he encounters… Sonic himself!

“I-Is that the real Sonic!? I can’t believe I get to meet you on my first day at work!!”

“Could I have your autog… no, I mean, I’m Sonic Man, who just joined Sega today! I came from the Kingdom of Soleanna! Nice to meet you!”

On this day, Sonic had come to Sega to shoot a dance video. Sonic Man, who was left dumbfounded upon meeting his idol Sonic, was then beckoned by Sonic to join him.

“It seems like you’re quite fond of him. Sonic is asking if you can help him out with some work.”

“Huh!? Me…!?”

Overwhelmed with gratitude and nervousness from his senior’s words, Sonic Man stands frozen in place. Can he really assist Sonic…? Despite being plagued by doubt, when Sonic Man summons the courage to look up, he sees Sonic giving him a thumbs-up.

“Yes! I’ll do it! It’s an honor!!!”

In an instant, filled with renewed vigor, Sonic Man responds loudly, his voice echoing through the area.

3:45 PM: Heart Pounding! Syncronized Dance With Sonic!

“Dream or reality… I don’t want to wake up if this is a dream!! No, I want it to be real…! Ahh!”

Sonic Man is overwhelmed by the sudden happiness.

At the start of the shoot, Sonic Man’s expression was stiff and his movements awkward. However, as he danced with Sonic, the enjoyment surged within him, and his dancing became more and more lively.

“Ahh! I’m so happy!”

Without needing any retakes, the shoot is completed in one go! Sonic Man wished this moment could last forever. It was a great success both as a job and in terms of enjoyment.

Sonic always enjoys everything, whether it’s work or anything else! I had fun too! Thank you so much!”

With deep emotion, Sonic Man bows deeply. Sonic pats him on the shoulder in commendation, leaving with a smile.

“H-He’s so cool…! I want to convey this coolness of Sonic to everyone…!”

As Sonic Man reaffirms his desire, the next moment, Sonic’s figure has completely vanished.

5:30 PM: A Toast to the Best Moments

“Today has been quite something…”

Sonic Man, having finished his duties as a Sonic Ambassador, arrives at the corner of the Sega office cafeteria. While sipping coffee alone, he reflects on the events of the day.

…He had received his appointment with determination at the entrance ceremony and clashed souls with senior colleagues for the best Sonic plush toy photoshoot. There were some minor mishaps, but right after that, he filmed a dance video with the admired Sonic! He had intended to assist, but ended up being encouraged and energized, once again experiencing Sonic’s charm. It was at that moment that Sonic Man strongly reaffirmed what he should do as an ambassador and what he wanted to do.

Nevertheless, Sonic was still as cool as ever. Sonic Man thought it was the best day…

“All right, I’ll do my best as a Sonic Ambassador tomorrow too! I’ll make sure that many people get to know the greatness of Sonic!!”

Sonic Man, who experienced various Sonic-related activities in just one day, felt like his back had grown one size larger than when he attended the entrance ceremony.

Summary of Sonic Man’s Work

This year’s April Fool’s joke introduced the work of Sonic Man, who joined Sega as a Sonic Ambassador. How did you find it?

While Sonic Man was completing his missions at Sega, there was a mini-game in the game “Sonic the Hedgehog” (2006) where he competed against Sonic and Silver.

For those who own the game, please try playing that mission as well!

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