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Hello! It’s Tomoko Hayane.

It seems like we’ll have cold days for a while longer.

Now, let me introduce someone who seems to be living with a friend (?) in a jungle, completely unaffected by the winter chill.

Yes, the character featured in this month’s wallpaper illustration is…


Big’s large body doesn’t quite fit within the ring, but he’s squished in there while gazing at something.

It’s fun to imagine various scenarios this time too, like whether he’s searching for his always-present friend Froggy, or perhaps he’s scouting for fishing spots, true to Big’s angler nature♪

A colleague from Sonic Team immediately commented after seeing this illustration, saying, “He’s like a cute cat who can’t resist squeezing into tight spaces! Isn’t his unusual appearance just precious!?” (laughs)

Feel free to share your thoughts too!

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Source: Sonic Channel

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