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The Lunar New Year is almost upon us! This year falling on February 10th, the Lunar New Year is a joyous celebration marking the beginning of the lunar calendar year with family gatherings, traditional rituals, and festive customs. With this year being the Year of the Dragon, it is anticipated to bring auspicious opportunities and exciting advancements for all.

To celebrate, Sonic Channel account has released a new illustration ushering in the new year! Check it out below along with the translated caption!

♥️ Happy New Year! ♥️

Please run alongside Sonic with determination throughout this year as well. 🥰

Thank you for your continued support!

Korean Sonic Channel

Sonic wishes all his fast friends a Happy Lunar New Year! May the year of the Dragon fill you with blessings! 🐉

Sonic the Hedgehog SEA

✨🧨 Happy Lunar New Year 🧨✨

Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year in the Year of the Dragon 2024! 🐉

Sonic and the Chao are celebrating with a dragon dance in high spirits! 😆🎆

May everything move forward bravely like a dragon! 🙏

Sonic Channel

Stay tuned to Sonic City for more Sonic News and Updates!

Source: Korean Sonic Channel, Sonic the Hedgehog SEA, Sonic Channel

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