Sonic Channel has released their latest commemorative illustration for January! This time around, it’s Eggman playing the Dreamcast! A direct reference to Sonic Unleashed/Sonic World Adventure where you can briefly catch a glimpse of SEGA’s last home console inside of Eggman’s Eggmobile in two different scenes.

Check out the full illustration and translated caption below!

In 2024 we will continue publishing the release commemorative illustration series ✨
This time, we present Dr. Eggman from ‘Sonic World Adventure’ 🎨

Interestingly, in a cutscene, you can catch a glimpse of a Dreamcast inside the Egg Mobile 🎮

He seems to be so engrossed in it that he carries it around… I wonder which title it is exactly 👀 #Sonic

Source: Sonic Channel on Twitter

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