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Hello, everyone! I’m Tomoko Hayane, a designer from Sonic Team.

As the days become cooler, it’s starting to feel more and more like autumn.

Speaking of autumn, it’s the “autumn of ___”!

How are you spending your autumn? I’ve been really immersed in playing Sonic Superstars” which was recently released… So you could say it’s a “gaming autumn” for me.

And, this month’s wallpaper illustration features a character who seems to be dedicated to something year-round, regardless of the season.

Yes, it’s…


It’s always the case with her, but she looks so cool and poised! She seems like she’s either hurling strong words at a formidable enemy all by herself or giving instructions to her allies, fighting in coordination. Is this the solitary Blaze from before she met Sonic and the gang, or is this the Blaze who learned the value of teamwork after meeting them?

From this illustration, you can imagine various scenes. However, one thing is for sure, whatever the situation, the enemy in front of her won’t get off easy!

Now, Blaze, who appears in this illustration, is the princess of the Sol Empire, a region in a different world from Sonic’s. There, she guards the Sol Emeralds, which possesses a power similar to the Chaos Emeralds. She can be quite strict with herself, and in her first appearance in Sonic Rush, she also came across as somewhat unapproachable. But after overcoming various challenges with Sonic and his friends, she learned the strength of teamwork and has started to build wonderful relationships with her companions and friends.

The latest game in which Blaze shines is the racing game Team Sonic Racing! You can see the cool Blaze driving a machine, teamed up with Vector and Silver. The conversations between them during the races are really enjoyable! You should definitely give it a try!

Well, let’s meet again in next month’s wallpaper illustration!

Source: Sonic Channel

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