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Hello everyone!

I’m Tomoko Hayane, a designer from Sonic Team!

We’ve entered September, but it seems like the hot days will continue for a while longer…

But this time, the character featured in the wallpaper illustration is the ‘Ultimate Life Form’! No matter how hot it gets, he seems to be keeping it cool!

…So, I’m sure many of you have already figured out who he is just by looking at the outline, right?

…Even just the outline exudes an aura, doesn’t it…?

That’s right, the character appearing in the September wallpaper illustration is…

The black hedgehog, Shadow!

This year’s wallpaper illustrations are a delight, as they showcase various characters in serious poses! Just when I was thinking that, we get this illustration of Shadow, which truly represents the epitome of seriousness!

I wonder if he’s battling a formidable enemy…? No matter the opponent, he never hesitates and remains cool…! The combination of this cool expression and dynamic pose is just incredibly cool!

He’s indeed the ultimate life form created by none other than Dr. Eggman’s grandfather. He’s perfect in every way!

It makes me imagine that there might be moments like this in the games when he’s fighting, and it’s making me want to play again♪

Now, I’d like to introduce a game where Shadow appears, which is the downloadable content “Episode Shadow” for Sonic Forces!

It tells a serious story that serves as a prequel to the main storyline, allowing you to enjoy Shadow’s cool actions, much like in this illustration! I encourage everyone to experience it for themselves in their own playthroughs!

Well then, let’s meet again in next month’s wallpaper illustration!

Source: Sonic Channel

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