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A new trademark has recently popped up on the Japanese website, Chizai Watch, which posts recently added trademarks from the Japanese Patent Office, for something called “SONIC & FRIENDS”.

Not much is known about what this could be, but the trademark is classified as Machinery (we’re guessing Video Game related), Paper (comics?), Clothes, Toys, and Educational & Recreational. The trademark also goes on to list several other goods and services like programs for home video game machines, electronic circuits, magnetic tapes, magnetic discs, optical discs, ROM cartridges, and other recording media storing programs for portable liquid crystal screen game machines, software for home video game machines, and several others.

It’s not yet totally clear what the trademark actually entails, but we’ll be sure to give you more details as this story develops! So stay tuned to Sonic City for future updates!

Source: Chizai Watch

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