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Hello everyone! I’m Tomoko Hayane, a designer from Sonic Team.

It seems like the rainy season has just ended in some areas.

Although it might continue to rain here, I have no problem staying at home and playing Sonic Origins Plus, which I got last week. I’ll happily wait for the end of the rainy season with Sonic and the gang.

Now, let’s talk about the character featured in this month’s wallpaper illustration. He is a skilled martial artist who excels in using powerful punches.

I’m sure many of you already guessed it right away, right?

Yes, it’s none other than Knuckles!

Knuckles’ boldness and power are conveyed so vividly in this artwork, making it truly cool, isn’t it? Whether the opponent he’s swinging his fist at is bigger than him or flying in the sky, it’s clear from his expression that they are formidable adversaries.

But if it’s Knuckles, I believe he can defeat any strong opponent with his punches that can even shatter rocks!

Knuckles is known for his impressive punches, but in his daily life, he guards the gigantic gemstone called the Master Emerald on Angel Island, a floating island in the sky. He’s not really a combat enthusiast. Although he lives apart from Sonic and the others, whenever his friends are in trouble or the world is in danger, he always comes to their aid as a reliable companion. It’s reassuring to have friends like him, isn’t it?

The latest game featuring Knuckles is Sonic Origins Plus! It includes his debut appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and its sequel Sonic & Knuckles. You’ll get to witness the exciting development of Knuckles becoming Sonic’s ally.

Furthermore, Knuckles will also appear as a playable character in the upcoming game Sonic Superstars, scheduled to be released this fall. Look forward to seeing the powerful and dynamic feats he’ll perform!

Well then, let’s meet again next month with a new wallpaper illustration~!

Source: Sonic Channel

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