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Yuji Naka, who was accused of violating the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law by illegally purchasing shares in companies in Tokyo and Nagoya based on inside information before the information was made public that these companies were jointly developing new games with his company, was charged with violating the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.

At the first trial held at the Tokyo District Court, Naka stated, “There is no doubt about it,” and admitted to the indictment.

In his opening statement, the prosecutor stated, “He was appointed as a senior manager at another major video game developer because of his achievements as a game programmer in the development of world-famous games. Under his authority, he accessed a website containing investment meeting materials and learned of the joint development of new titles in the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series, and purchased a total of 130,000 shares, earning a profit of over 20 million yen (around 150 thousand US Dollars).

Source: NHK

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