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The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office today arrested a new suspect, Yuji Naka, in an insider trading case involving information on the development of a new entry of the popular Dragon Quest franchise.

According to the Special Investigation Department, around late January 2020, when he was an employee of Square Enix, Yuji Naka learned important information about Dragon Quest Tact, a new game for smartphones that was being jointly developed by Square Enix and Aiming, an online game production company.

Before the information was announced, Yuji Naka allegedly purchased approximately 10,000 Aiming shares for approximately 2.8 million yen. He was arrested for insider trading under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.

Taisuke Sasaki, a former employee of Square Enix, and his acquaintance Fumiaki Suzuki, were also arrested yesterday on suspicion of insider trading in this case. The two allegedly purchased a total of 162,000 shares of Aiming stock for approximately 47.2 million yen.

All three are believed to have purchased shares in Aiming, believing that the release of information about Dragon Quest Tact would increase the value of Aiming’s stock. It is not clear whether the three had sold their shares or not.

Source: Fuji News Network

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