Hello! This is Tomoko Hayane.

It’s becoming a lovely spring-like season, isn’t it? Many people might be planning hanami (cherry blossom viewing) or outings for the weekend!

Now, let me introduce this month’s wallpaper illustration.

Appearing this time is a hedgehog from the Sonic series with exceptional abilities… He fights using powerful psychokinesis, and he’s the silver hedgehog!

From the slightly visible distinctive palms, many of you might already know who he is, right?

Yes, appearing in this illustration is…


This time, we have Silver greeting us right here! With his gentle smile and direct gaze… From his casual demeanor, I feel his sincere and unpretentious kindness. I can’t help but imagine various situations where this greeting might take place.

Now, during our team’s excitement over the wallpaper illustration, there was a moment in our conversation that went like this:

Suddenly, one of my colleagues enlarged the illustration and placed their hand on the monitor, giving Silver a high-five! Then they smiled blissfully and said, “How about this?” Soon after, other colleagues followed suit, and before we knew it, the place turned into an impromptu high-five gathering… Of course, I joined in too (laughs).

So, please feel free to share your thoughts or how you enjoyed it! If you post on X (formerly Twitter) with the hashtag #ソニかつ, I’d be delighted!

Well then, let’s meet again in the next wallpaper introduction!

Source: Sonic Channel

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