Audi’s Sonic Superstars wrapped car!

Hello, it’s Toyoda.

The Audi e-tron 50 quattro wrapped in the cool and cute Sonic Superstars design has arrived at the Sega headquarters! So, I went to see this stylish car along with Sonic!

As for the appearance and atmosphere, I invite you to watch the video for the full experience. In this column, let me share a bit of additional information and talk about the making of the video.

Although the Audi e-tron 50 quattro is considered a family car, seeing it in person, it appears even larger than in the video. It has an overwhelming presence. I had the chance to get inside and hold the steering wheel, and it indeed exudes a spacious and luxurious feel (I want one!).

While the previous Audi R8 Coupe was a sports car, this one is envisioned as a family car for outings. The comfort and demeanor are undeniably satisfying.

The wrapping is also a masterful work, especially the part around the steering wheel. When you look at it from a distance, the wrapping around the steering wheel aligns perfectly with the part behind it. I couldn’t help but nod in appreciation. Truly, the professional skills of Hitotsuyama Racing (known for their expertise in wrapping Audi vehicles) and ei8ht design Lab shine through. A big thank you to them for their fantastic work!

During the shooting, Sonic was really excited, showing a lot of interest in the wrapped car even when the camera wasn’t pointed at him. After the shot where Sonic opens the car door and peeks inside, he was so eager that he tried to get inside the car! Sonic seemed delighted, perhaps because the wrapping showcased him and his friends having fun. It was a fun photo shoot.

For the sound, we asked Tomoya Ohtani, the Sonic series sound director, to create a cool soundtrack, and he delivered!

The “Audi e-tron 50 quattro” wrapped in Sonic Superstars design is not for sale, and just the base price without the wrapping is already quite high! It might be cheaper than buying a condominium, but still, it’s not something everyone can easily afford. Nonetheless, being able to see it up close was satisfying enough for me!

For now, I’m thinking of going on an outing with Sonic and friends in the game Sonic Superstars!

Continuing from last year, Sonic and Sonic Team’s Toyoda duo introduce the special Sonic Superstars wrapping car from Audi, which has arrived at the Sega headquarters!

Special Car Production Company/Designer Information

Hitotsuyama Racing Company Profile

Hitotsuyama Racing is a racing team with over 30 years of motorsports experience. Since 2011, they have been using the Audi R8 racing car for over 10 years and participating in events such as SUPER GT and Super Taikyu.

ei8ht design Lab Matsumoto Hideya

Hitotsuyama Racing and other leading domestic racing teams, as well as car manufacturers, have been involved in numerous coloring design projects. By consistently incorporating cutting-edge materials and designs, they create machines that stand out on the circuit, attracting attention.

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Source: Sonic Channel

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