The second part of the Metal City update is now live on Sonic Speed Simulator, the free-to-play multiplayer online game available on Roblox. This update introduces Storm the Albatross from Sonic Riders as a playable character, along with a Sonic Riders style Amy, new events, and areas to explore!

Check out the full update details below!

⛈️Metal City PART 2 Update⛈️

⛈️Unlock STORM the Albatross with the ability to double jump and the NEW E-1000G robot
🐶Amy’s Animal Rescue event returns, unlock Riders Amy by saving animals and bringing them to safety in Metal City
🏙️NEW Area in Metal City Skatepark has opened up, explore the second part of the map
🤫Find the 5 SECRET “SONIC” letters in Metal City Skatepark to unlock a NEW skateboard mount
⭕️Earn more RSR than before in Autorun, Events, Adventures and MORE
🐰Easter Event: Unlock Easter Sonic and Easter Cream, event ends this week
💰MEGA SALE: on going for another week!

The official Sonic Speed Simulator Twitter account has also teased a new Shadow character skin variant called “Clockwork Shadow”. This variant features Shadow the Hedgehog wearing steampunk-styled gloves and goggles. Additionally, the account hinted at the return of Green Hill Zone from the Tornado Assault event, which was removed from the game in February 2023.

Check out the pictures below!

Stay tuned to Sonic City for more Sonic Speed Simulator News and Updates!

Source: Sonic Speed Simulator on Twitter, Sonic Speed Simulator on Twitter

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