During today’s Cinemacon event, Paramount Pictures presented their upcoming slate of movies and shows, including the highly anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog 3! While there is no public video available of the trailer, reports from onsite press give us details about what was shown.

According to Discussing Film, the teaser showed Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik in his lab, visibly heavier and surrounded by junk. Robotnik jokes about binging on “carbohydrates” as his assistant, Agent Stone (Lee Majdoub), presents him with Sonic’s blue electric quill. Robotnik licks it and gets energized, saying, “Let’s do this!” The footage then reveals Robotnik and his henchmen awakening Shadow the Hedgehog from a cryotube.

Next, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles face off against Shadow in a city street at night. Shadow is silent, and his eyes glow red with electricity. Knuckles jokes about Shadow being stronger than the last hedgehog he faced (Sonic), to which Sonic humorously replies, “You mean me?”

The highlight of the footage is Shadow riding a motorcycle in the sky and clashing with Sonic’s blue energy. The final shot shows Robotnik and Sonic near a ring portal, suggesting they must team up against Shadow.

The Direct also confirms Robotnik’s appearance and demeanor, and attendees get a glimpse of Shadow’s design, faithful to fans’ expectations.

We eagerly await the public trailer release and will keep you updated on all Sonic Movie 3 news! Stay tuned to Sonic City for more updates!

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