First revealed at the Korean Sonic Fan Meeting, Sonic Channel has released this month’s Sonic Pict, featuring Team Chaotix enjoying a picnic while admiring the blossoming cherry trees.

Cherry blossom season in Japan occurs annually throughout the spring season. While the peak viewing times vary from region to region, most cherry blossom festivals begin around the end of March and can last well into the month of May. The weather plays a pivotal role in when the blooming season begins and ends.

Check out the illustration and translated caption below!

“Flowers bloom, in both hands!” 🍣
The Chaotix detective agency enjoying a picnic under the cherry blossoms, delighting in flower viewing. 😊

As they savor flower-shaped sushi rolls, Vector’s eyes light up at the sight of the beautiful cherry blossoms,
Espio, holding dango in one hand, can’t help but smile at the relaxed atmosphere. 🟢🟡🟣

In this space filled with spring light 🌸
Wouldn’t you like to join us for some flower viewing too?

“Being a jack of all trades, this is what it’s all about!” 🍣
Under the cherry blossom trees, the Chaotix Detective Agency spreads out their bento boxes and enjoys a cherry blossom viewing party 😊
As Vector savors the cherry blossom petals while enjoying his flower-shaped sushi rolls,
Espio, with a dango in hand, can’t help but smile 🟢🟡🟣
Spring is in full bloom 🌸
Why not go out and enjoy the cherry blossoms yourselves?

Japanese caption by Sonic Channel

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Source: Korean Sonic Channel

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